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From soulful sunsets
Through the heart of the night,
The day is born,
Happy and joyful, it craves
A new start, a fresh beginning,
for me or so I thought.
Through this endless cycle,
There's been no love found,
No hatred lost, its been
An abundance of rainy clouds,
Weighty droplets of sadness
I drown with my breath
In the pools of despair...
Life's offered me nothing
But miserability, and the hunger
To toil under the grassy meadows.
And rocky plains,
All under the eyes of the sun
A futile journey for me,
This has turned out to be.
Sorrow, spreading wide
Its tentacles, which grows like
a never-ending pit
sits just outside my door,
The first at dawn to say hi,
Last to bade farewell
when I go down to lie
Joy I long ago buried.
Peace, left to drop a message
At the feet of eternity.
There no longer lies
the craving for happiness
No longer the desire for glee.
The once savoury taste
Of friendship and oneness with
Mind body, soul and spirit,
Has now turned sour..
The penchant to rise above the stars,
Is now all but a forgotten dream.
And then you stand there,
Wondering what lewd words I say
Not knowing night for me
has knocked at day.
winter sighs, freezes my autumns day
you think it stops there,
Loneliness turns out a dear
And I'm left with
no friend or family
By my side. near.
I am me..
Who one day hopes to be free
To explore the beauty
And lovingness in the beigns
That roam the heights
And journey the depths of this day.


Victor Chukwuka®
Form- Despair, Failure, Sorrow
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