Below is the poem entitled
{Mariel} which was written by poet  
{Seun Suen}.
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on this poem. However, please 
remember, Sublimepoems is a 
place of encouragement and growth.


Completely independent
She does not need your help
In every situation
She gets by on self help
She isn’t ordinary
And common she is not
She may appear uncertain
But what it takes she’s got
Seductive and alluring
She’s broken many hearts
She’s beautiful and charming
Her eyes are burning darts
Sweet and irresistible
You can not overlook
A sea nymph or a siren
Time for a second look
She carries many secrets
Kept safely in her chest
She’ll never break a promise
This many can attest
A woman a seductress
A temptress or a vamp
She may be many things but
For sure she’s not a tramp
Some say she’s an enchantress
With massive sex appeal
A magic fascination
You wish she would reveal
Her face it is bewitching
Entices everyone
A supernatural being
She’s a phenomenon
She isn’t from the future
She’s not from long ago
She lives right here among us
Just going with the flow

©Seun Suen
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