"I'll do this more rapidly!"- A Poem By Phumgirl

Below is the poem entitled  
"I'll do this more rapidly!" which was written by poet {Phumgirl}

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"I'll do this more rapidly!"

I didn't know they cared so much,
Do they care?
Or they pretending?
Damn I like the attention,
Never seen my biological mother calling me so much,
Wow this is what I always wanted,
Was hungry for that,
Was craving for it,
Really?  She can't even skip a day without calling,
This is unbelievable,
Didn't know they love me,
I thought I was the last option in their life,
I like the attention,
Keep calling,
Keep texting,
And i'll keep ignoring,
Want to see what's next,
They called my lord,
Because they know he can talk with me and calm me down,
This shows you that to me they mean nothing
And they don't contribute to my well-being,
I'm full of anger and they tasting their own medicine.

Written By Phumgirl

Topic Of Poem- Anger, Rage
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