"I'll just write as you sit back"- A Poem By ATHENKOSI FOSE

Below is the poem entitled
{I'll just write as you sit back} which was written by poet  {ATHENKOSI FOSE}.
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"I'll just write as you sit back"

Is me again my love, my surname is "FOSE"
To you I bring my true words
I may play with words but I don't play with my hear, trust me when I say I love you.
Still, my heart has the flames burning as it becomes my light through all pain.
crowned to me you are a princess and I hope to become your prince.
Love is the reason I write this
confessions of one who is star struck
Am still deep in that spark of the first kiss
Yet every moment I miss you, your charm is in control of my eyes your joy is in control of my happiness  , you the reason for my poetry 

I only hope our love will shine like gold, 

your eyes sparkling diamonds I am the richest in the world cause I have a star. 
my Akatsutsiki Natsu(dawn of summer),
 just like your birth season, you are the start of my hope


Oh, my love for you is beyond imagination;

you should be named world renowned for caring and sharing.
your arms are my amour
And your heart is my home

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